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Every company has the same mission: to maximise their value. But in our view, your most valuable asset isn’t your product, or your branding, or even your team – it’s your customers.


The most successful companies succeed because they excel during each stage of the customer lifecycle: in acquiring new buyers, in growing their lifetime value, and in converting them into advocates.


But in today’s digital world, buyers are more empowered than ever. The internet gives them instant “information gratification” – they can access detailed specs, pricing, and reviews about goods and services, 24 hours a day, with a few flicks of their thumbs.


Meanwhile, social media encourages them to share and compare, while mobile devices add a “whenever and wherever” dimension to every aspect of the experience.


All of which means that your buyers are forming opinions and drawing conclusions well before they choose to interact with representatives from your company.


That’s why it’s up to marketers to become the stewards of the customer journey and build a bond with customers wherever they are – whether that means engaging on social media, presenting a unified experience across devices, or personalising content and communications.


All this is easier said than done, which is why we’ve developed a strategy for you – a strategy that we call “engagement marketing.”


So what is engagement marketing?


Let’s start with what it isn’t: engagement marketing isn’t about serving your buyers a particular product, or even serving them

a particular experience. It isn’t about one off campaigns (no matter how compelling or involving), and it isn’t about customer

service (at least it isn’t just about customer service). Instead, engagement marketing is about creating meaningful interactions

with people, based on who they are and what they do, continuously over time. It’s marketing that engages people, wherever

they are, and it’s marketing that is backed by both creative vision and hard data.


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  1. After reading this post, Personally i think like I can definitely trust you.

    • Thanks – let us know if we can help with any future marketing needs and also make sure you keep any eye out for our next story in February on ‘emotional marketing’

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