Emotional marketing the key to winning customer hearts this valentine’s…

We all know how successful advertising campaigns like John Lewis’s ‘Monty the Penguin’ were last Christmas. They focus on emotional attachment with the consumer and are fronting a new trend of ‘emotional marketing’.


Emotional marketing is a term used within the marketing communication that refers to the practice of building business brands that appeal directly to a buyers emotional state, needs and aspirations.


View behind the scenes of John Lewis advert – #MontyThePenguin


However, many businesses simply don’t have £7M spare for a loveable computer animated penguin to help get in the hearts and minds of a chosen target audience to drive sales revenues.


NOTE: DON’T stop reading now!


The team at Blade Creative are a little more realistic and we have worked to outline four key features of ‘emotional marketing’ that any business can use to engage the hearts and minds of its target audience this valentines. Essentially we have documented how you can benefit from the power of emotion without a multi-national budget.


Here are four features that will help your business become an ‘emotional marketer’ for next to nothing.


1. Search for and use the emotional messages
Pay attention and learn what really moves your customers and clients. These probably won’t be in a product fact sheet or whitepaper. They’ll be in how customers talk about what your product helps them do.

Yes, you probably have very different objectives to John Lewis. And yes, you probably won’t have the luxury of telling a fairy story. But if you keep your customer perspectives in mind, you can create stronger connections that grow revenue. Just like John Lewis are doing with their mass audience.

2. Leave enough room for your customer
Peter Cross, communications director for John Lewis, said something really interesting about the campaign in his interview with PR Week:

“Less is more – that is what we have tried to do. The most important thing is the brand and people’s expectations of how the brand behaves. People don’t want it to be arrogant or overly-confident because that is not the personality of the brand. The strategy here is to let people make up their own minds.”

This idea is key for successful emotional marketing campaigns. Leave space for your customers in your campaigns, so they can project their own thoughts and feelings onto them. Nobody likes being told how they should feel.

3. Make everything you do social and mobile-friendly

You’ve connected with your customers. You’ve taken a ‘less is more’ approach. You have everything to lose… if you forget to be social and mobile-friendly.

As individuals we’ve completely changed our daily habits. And it’s all due to our smartphones, that keep us in constant contact with our social networks.

John Lewis are keenly aware of this. On YouTube the video is titled ‘John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 – #MontyThePenguin‘. Easy to search for, easy to share. The Twitter hashtag might seem like a small detail, however it implies there’s a wider conversation on Twitter to join.

On a side note, try and have the best Twitter account names possible for your brand – @JohnLewis of Virginia has been very busy!

4. Use technology and digital platforms to deepen customer engagement and get personal
Seek opportunities to create a personal experience for customers by using inexpensive technology.

The John Lewis store on Oxford Street gives kids the chance to see their own cuddly toys wake up, jump to life and dance with them, courtesy of Monty’s Magical Toy Machine. Using 3D photography, 3D sensors and large-scale screens, John Lewis are able to create real magic moments for children.

At Blade Creative, we used forum, live chat and video innovative technology on Vanilla platforms to give Odin Technology customers a 24/7, anywhere, anytime interface for the global launch of ‘Automation Testing’ platform AXE, lifting the user experience and generating close to realtime, engagement.

Where could emotion take you? Get in touch and let us help you reach the hearts of your customers this valentine’s and beyond.


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